PM Security Solutions offers highly trained security officers for any occasion. We service both large and small companies with a variety of licensed armed security officers and unarmed security guards. We can develop a security solution to meet all of your needs and schedule. We also offer traffic control services for concerts, motorcades, and other special events.

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Both armed and unarmed security officers can dress in uniforms or plain clothed. We’ve secured construction sites, restaurants, night clubs, apartment complexes, strip malls, businesses of all sizes, special events, private parties and more. We will protect you and your property at all costs.

All of our security officers are highly trained and must complete a variety of  basic training courses and continue to update their qualifications before being put out on PM Security Solutions assignments. All of our off duty police officers are active duty police officers in good standing with their departments. The majority of our off duty officers are from the Atlanta Police Department. All armed security are licensed and trained in firearm rules, regulations and most importantly safety.

No job is too small or too large to need security. We can provide overnight security at construction sites, 24 hour security or even just a security consultation to address possible security concerns. Having a competent and alert security plan sooner than later can save you money in the long run by preventing thefts, deterring crime and keeping your property and people safe.

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